A&S – Westfield

Challenge: Create the rebranding campaign from Parquesur Shopping Center to Westifleld Parquesur

In Spain, people are not particularly good at memorizing and pronouncing foreign words. We knew that even if Parquesur changed its name, Spaniards would call it whatever they wanted. So we decided to turn this handicap into a communication advantage that, through humor and memorization rules, would make people remember and emotionally connect with Westfield. 

To achieve this, we communicate a very clear message

«Say our name whatever you want, we are where we always are»

To execute this message, we decided to make a humorous integrated campaign with Juan Salazar «El Chunguito». 
A famous Spanish TV character, known for having great difficulty pronouncing English words like «Westfield».




Client: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Brand: Westfield
Campaign: Rebranding Parquesur


Executive Creative Director: Rubén Sánchez
Creative Director: José Arroyo
Creative Team: Vic Sintes (AD), José Albazán (CW)
Operations Director: Elías López
Client Service Director: Carlos Rija
Producer: Michel De Larroque
Agency Director: Ana Zumalacarregui
Producer Company: Kiwi Films