Challenge: Present the new limited edition «Neptunia», communicating its main differential (recipe infused with marine ingredients)

"Neptunia was inspired by the sea, which I always found to be a mysterious and magical place, with beautiful imagery on its surface and of course in its depths. So the main idea behind Neptunia was to try and express all that magic through the different touches of flavor."

Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie


The action obtained more than 1,300 media impacts in 34 countries, highlighting 57 impacts in national press and TV, and a total Ad Value of 12,519,946 euros

Through the participation of the different influencer profiles, we obtained an organic reach of almost 2 million users on Instagram.

Sales increased by 10% and it became possible, not only to return the brand to its best pre-pandemic levels, but to surpass them; obtaining the best result in 5 years and making Neptunia the most successful launch of the brand in 20 years of history in Spain.

Almost half of the annual sales target was achieved in the campaign’s duration, making it the limited edition with the highest sales weight in the Hendrick’s portfolio (4%) at the moment.

“It was amazing to see all those people tasting Neptunia under water, surrounded by the elements which inspired me to create it. In that sense the "Pubmarine" experience exceedingly succeeds in creating an impactful and surprising world, which perfectly transmits the nature of Neptunia's creation. A never before seen full submarine bar, where you can actually drink! If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it! This campaign truly captures the essence of Neptunia and is without a doubt one of the most original experiences the brand has ever provided"

Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie

Client: VARMA Group
Brand: Hendrick’s
Campaign: The Pubmarine


Executive Creative Director: Rubén Sánchez
Creative Director: José Arroyo
Creative Team: Vic Sintes (AD), José Albazán (CW)
Account Director: Patricia García
Account Team: Olmo Redondo, Loyola Arza
Design Team: Adam Kawka, Eleną Rodriguez
Postproduction Team:  Jaime Suarez, Eduardo Velasco, Julio López
Producer: Sergio Reverter
Agency Director: Ana Zumalacarregui
Producer Company: Fazeta