about me

E-mail: jlalbazan@gmail.com / Phone: (+34) 675759725

Hey! I’m copywriter and my name is Jose Luis Albazán, but I’m also known through other nicknames. WHAT? Yes, because I’m a gamer.

In fact, a few years ago I almost became a professional gamer when I was offered an opportunity to join an e-sports team and move to a gaming house in Germany. However, I chose to pursue something that I like even more than video games: advertising. Yes, I know, this sounds very cliche but I’m a true advertising nerd (like you). So… Why not join these two passions in one? I think it comes at the perfect time now that gamers have become important for all brands, and not only for Doritos and energy drink brands. I’m also interested in… well I can tell you about that later over a good coffee (spoiler: I love coffee).